The BlueTree Venture Fund is uniquely positioned to offer superior returns to our investors

We are a regionally focused venture capital firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. We target early institutional investments in sectors, which both match the region’s technology platform and leverage the expertise within our Fund. We seek to invest in medical technologies, software, and high-tech instrumentation companies located within 250 miles, allowing us to provide hands on mentorship and guidance. Within these sectors, we are interested in companies demonstrating compelling technologies, strong management teams, and capital-efficient business models with clear opportunities for exit through strategic acquisition.

Our Advantages

Angel Partners

Collaborations with nearly twenty Angel groups in the “inland mid-atlantic” region provides us with a broad and robust deal flow. Angel funded firms have been pre-screened and have validated markets, customer traction, and the ability to successfully collaborate with outside investors to achieve meaningful milestones. Additionally, the enormous breadth of expertise within our Angel partners allows us to dramatically deepen our due diligence process.

Regional Focus

Pittsburgh is an often-overlooked nexus of world-class healthcare, technology, and educational institutions. Indeed, venture capital funding resources in the region have long been outstripped by exciting investment opportunities. Since 2009 alone, there have been 34 exits in the Pittsburgh region valued at over $3B; however, nearly all of these deals have been funded by firms from outside the region. Our familiarity with the ecosystem allows us to identify and cultivate the best opportunities at attractive valuations.


With over 70 years of experience, we bring our knowledge and networks to bear in a meaningful way. We have a demonstrated commitment to be integrally involved with the strategic decision-making of our portfolio companies.

We Invest in Game Changers

A small fraction of the Fund’s resources will be reserved for very early stage funding of the most promising seed companies, leveraging angel investments and positioning the Fund strongly for follow-on investments.

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