Alung Technologies

ALung Technologies is a leading developer of advanced medical devices for treating respiratory failure.


Acquired by Expedia

ApartmentJet is a web-based platform to help multifamily property owners and management companies take advantage of the growing market for short-term rentals.

C360 Technologies, Inc.

C360 is the provider of an extremely high resolution single sensor/optic, zero stitch virtual reality (VR) broadcast and second streaming camera system.


Chromatan, Inc. has created a proprietary process (multiple patents) for manufacturing biotech pharmaceutical products.

Cytoagents, Inc.

CytoAgents is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of COVID-19, Influenza and other viral infectious diseases.

Encentiv Energy

Encentiv Energy has developed a suite of tools that integrate into the workflow of companies that sell and install energy efficiency equipment.

HealthTell, Inc.

Acquired by iCarbonX

HealthTell is an early stage Life Sciences company that utilizes an Immunosignature Technology for accurate and timely detection and monitoring of more than 30 progressive diseases., Inc.

Niche is transforming the way people make big life decisions. By providing reviews and insight from everyday experts, they make choosing a neighborhood, college, or K-12 school a more transparent process.

Peptilogics, Inc.

Peptilogics provides breakthrough technology for antibiotic resistant bacteria and biofilm.

Rinovum Women’s Health

Rinovum Women’s Health has developed a take-home conception aid technology designed to address the growing unmet need of delayed and/or unsuccessful natural fertility. Rinovum is bridging the gap between natural intercourse and In-vitro fertilization (IVF) by optimizing a known approach in a new way – filling the existing void in conception within the privacy of the patient’s home.

SLED, Inc.

Sled Mobile is a platform for mobile web advertising; it has IP that differentiates it from the mass of IT solutions for mobile ads.
Sled’s integrated brand surveys make it simple to measure the impact of ad campaigns.

Thread LLC

Thread has partnered with collection centers and recycling facilities in Haiti and Honduras in order to collect, wash, and flake bottles before exporting to the United States where the plastic flake is then converted into fiber and woven into fabric.

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